Luminous ECO WATT NEO 700 Square Wave Inverter with Red Charge RC 18000 150Ah Recyclable Tubular Battery for Home, Office & Shops (Blue & White)

Product details :-

Brand                                                     Luminous

Recommended Uses For Product  Home

Power Source                        Battery Powered

Wattage                                  600 KW

Battery Capacity                150 Amp Hours

Model Name  :-  ECO-WATT-650UPS-RC15000

[Eco Watt Neo 700] Battery:-  Supports a single battery; Battery Compatibility: Flat plate, tubular, VRLA, or SMF; Inverter Type: Square wave output ensuring the safety of your appliances.

Protection: - Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Reverse polarity & Input mains protection

Processor: Built with advanced PCB programming, microprocessor, and FSW transformer; Compatible:  CFL, tube light, ceiling fan, bulb, LED TV, refrigerator.

Capacity: 600 VA; Maximum Power Consumption: 504 watts; Recommended Battery Capacity: 120 Ah - 150Ah

[RC 18000 Battery] Battery Type: Tall tubular inverter battery with rugged construction; Water Level Indicators: 6

Nominal Voltage: 12V; Rated Capacity at 27oC: 150 Ah; Electrolyte Volume: 20.00 Liter

[Dimensions of the container] (L x W x H) : 505mm x 220mm x 308 mm [Battery Weight] Dry Battery: 21.0kg; Filled Battery: 38.4 Kg

[Charging Current] Boost Mode Starting Current: 12.10; Boost Mode Finishing Current: 6.00; [Trickle Mode] Min: 101.0 mA; Max: 403.0mA

Warranty: For Inverters - 24 months, For battery - 36 months

Package Inclusions: Luminous Eco Watt Neo 700 Square Wave Inverter, RC 18000 150 Ah battery, instruction manual, and warranty card.

Per piece

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